Our Services

Commercial Advisory

Supporting our clients with strategic acquisitions through the provision of procurement support, commercial management and probity services.

Our Commercial Advisory team provides the following services:

Interpretation of legal provisions where there is ambiguity – particularly for new technology such as artificial intelligence technology
Skilled in ASDEFCON & CPRs
Contract reviews and negotiations
Strategic procurement activities
Facilitating financial approvals and budget management
Transforming procurement policies and processes
Contract and spend reporting and analysis
Contract cost optimisation
Procurement governance & process improvements

Project Advisory

Our Project Advisory Team undertake ‘Health Checks’ to identify areas to generate efficiencies and improve compliance. We specialise in contract reviews to generate cost optimisation, particularly for EULAs. Our team also provides procurement and contract management training packages to upskill APS teams in general, or specific areas of interest.
Key skills of our Team:
PRINCE2 and MSP practitioners with extensive experience in managing strategic
Management of projects throughout the Capability Lifecycle.
Contract review and negotiation.
Stakeholder engagement.
Risk Management.

Our team has experience working on mission-critical and complex ICT projects on behalf of Defence and Home Affairs including:

LAND 4125 – Deployed Information Environment
SEA 2273 – Fleet Information Environment Modernisation
LAND 4130 - National Information Environment – Deployed
Strategic Sourcing and Compliance Support (Home Affairs)

Space Capabilities

EMA Advisory specialises in supporting commercial arrangements to enable Australia’s emerging space industry.

Our Space Capabilities Team hold qualifications in law and commercial management and undertake ongoing dedicated space industry related training and keep up to date with strategic events to ensure they are best placed to support the acquisition and sustainment of Military & Commercial space capabilities.

Our team hold appropriate AGSVA clearances to meet our client’s requirements.

Our team uses their unique mix of Commercial, Project Management and Space capability knowledge to:

Enter and manage complex commercial arrangements;
Navigate ACMA and ITU requirements;
Navigate launch licence requirements and partner launch cross waiver requirements;
Manage all elements of Space Capability projects to deliver complex and emerging capabilities.

Our Space Capabilities Team works closely with Department of Defence, the Australian Space Agency and Geoscience Australia to deliver satellite services projects to the Australian Government.

We also partner with Industry bodies, such as the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) to stay connected with Industry and emerging Space issues.